Marooned on Hog Island- 21st Amendment

Marooned on Hog Island? With this beer? Sure!

21st Amendment Brewery is making a reputation for themselves brewing out-of-the-ordinary beers. I’ve had and reviewed a few of them. A couple of the standouts areĀ Hell or High Watermelon and Monk’s Blood. Now, we have one of the strangest beers I’ve tried. Marooned on Hog Island. It’s a stout brewed with oyster shells from Hog Island Oyster Company in California. I hear you asking the question, “A beer brewed with oyster shells?! Yuck!” Not so fast, though. What’s the old saying? Don’t knock it ’til you try it. And, you need to try it!

Marooned on Hog Island

Marooned on Hog Island pours a deep brown bordering on black with a nice orange-tinted, dark brown highlight. A 1-finger head appears and disappears fairly quickly. The remaining carbonation ring laces the glass lightly.

The aromas starts out with lots of sweet chocolate. (Not what you were expecting, right?) This is followed by some dark-roasted coffee wrapped in a bit of warm caramel. A bit of dark fruit rises toward the back of the nose. There is no ocean or fishy smell as you might expect. (There is, however, something deep down in the aroma that I’ve never experienced before in a stout before. I couldn’t put it into words, but it was not unpleasant.) Finishing up the aromas is a little bit of alcohol.

The flavors kick off with some deep, roasted malt. There is lots of dark-roasted coffee up front with a good amount of char and bitterness. There is a muted berry note which is pretty interesting. It does seem a bit salty, but that may just be the power of suggestion in the mind. The finish is dry and ashy with a pretty good amount of funk.

So, I thought Marooned on Hog Island was really good! I give it 4.6 out of 5. I’d recommend it to anyone who is a fan of stouts and wants to feel like they are being adventurous.

Pick this one up if you see it!


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