Pranqster from North Coast Brewing

Pranqster: I get it!

A while ago, I took a trip down to Riverside Beverage¬†in Chattanooga to take a look around, meet everybody, and just talk beer for a while. While there, I tried a few of the beers they had on tap, one of which was Pranqster from North Coast Brewing. I remember being being very impressed. (Just a little aside. I had Old Rasputin from North Coast a long time ago and did not care for it at all. Unfortunately, I let that taint my perception of North Coast, so avoided¬†their beers for a long time with the exception of Puck. I’ve got to stop doing that!) I didn’t get a bottle that day, but I made a point to add it to my list.

Pranqster North Coast Brewing

Pranqster pours a very hazy gold. (It has plenty of yeast on the bottom of the bottle, so I was sure to give the last bit of beer a good swirl to get it all.) It really glows in the light! A very small head forms and disappears very quickly. There is a tiny bit of lacing, but it doesn’t hang around too long on the glass.

The aromas are very bright and layered in yeastiness. A pretty big note of white pepper is right up front. This is followed by a little touch of banana. Toward the back of the nose are some bright, fresh berries. The alcohol breaks through a little bit at the back of the nose.

Just like the aroma, the flavors start out with lots of yeast. There is lots of pepper up front. A good amount of muted funk rides underneath everything else. For a brief moment some latex makes an appearance. That is a little strange, but it wasn’t a big turnoff. An oaky/peaty note is followed very briefly by a nice bread note. The finish is very dry. Funk and bread bloom in the aftertaste in a big way.

I think Pranqster is quite good! I think it’s interesting enough to drink again. I give it 4.5 out of 5.

So, North Coast Brewing is back on my radar. If anyone has suggestions for more of their beers I should try, leave a comment!


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Pranqster from North Coast Brewing
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