Pumpkin Beast from Aviator Brewing Company

Pumpkin Beast takes flight!

North Carolina has delivered yet another brewery of note! I’ve seen beers from Aviator Brewing before, but I’ve never been struck with the urge to pick one up. Maybe the artwork was too weird? I don’t know. If Pumpkin Beast is any indication of their other beers, though, I’ve been missing out!

I actually drank Pumpkin Beast a couple of months ago, so it hasn’t been just sitting around forever. For some reason I decided to do a bit of jumping around on my list of beers I’m going to review. I guess that’s my prerogative as a blogger.

Anyway, here is what I thought about it:

Pumpkin Beast Aviator Brewing

Pumpkin Beast pours a lightly hazy brown with deep orange highlights. It has a 1-finger head that reduces very quickly to a thick film that laces the glass pretty thickly. It has a nice, warm glow to it when held up to the light.

The aromas start out with lots of pumpkin and lots of spices. It really smells a lot like a pumpkin pie. About midway back in the nose is some warm, brown sugar followed by a little bit of dark fruit. There is a little bit of an alcohol bite at the back of the nose.

Surprisingly, there is some hoppy bitterness up front in the flavor. The pumpkin is pretty strong, at least as strong as pumpkin can be. The spices are muted a bit by an oakiness. There is a little brown sugar sweetness mid-palate. There is a hint of bread at first, but that disappears as it warms. The alcohol shows up just before the finish which is dry and a little funky.

Is Pumpkin Beast the best pumpkin beer I’ve ever had? No, but it is definitely solid. I give it 4 out of 5.

One thing is certain, I will be trying more from Aviator.


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