Third Strike Apricot Saison from Burnt Hickory

Third Strike! You’re in!

I really need to get down to Kennesaw, Georgia sometime soon! I’d love to visit Burnt Hickory Brewery and see what they’ve got going on down there. I believe we’ll get along very well. They keep cranking out solid beer after solid beer, and I’m a fan! (See another review of mine about their beerĀ die Kreuzen!) Third Strike Apricot Saison is another one to add to the list. Summer is coming, and you need to get in on this!

Before we talk about the beer, let me voice a little bit of frustration. I have no idea what the name of this beer is about. There is usually a story behind the artwork and names of Burnt Hickory’s beer (again, see the review of die Kreuzen), but I couldn’t find any information about this one. The full name is White Flag Third Strike Apricot Saison. I thought they might be making a veiled reference to the music of Black Flag, but I have no clue. If you know, tell me! Leave me a comment.

White Flag Third Strike Apricot Saison

This saison pours a slightly hazy gold that glows beautifully on the light. The head barely forms before it disappears leaving a thin film that laces the glass lightly.

The first draw of the aroma is very bright and fruity with some underlying maltiness. There is a big note of fresh berries and some wine grapes. The apricot is very deep and rich. If you’ve ever cut up apricots for a snack and smelled the aroma wafting out of the bowl, you know this scent. The alcohol is present at the back of the nose, but is not strong at all.

Apricot is right up front in the flavor. It’s almost like eating an apricot right off the pit. You can just imagine the juice running down your chin and arm! Some syrupy sweetness is close behind the apricot and is followed by a small amount of bitterness which is interesting. There is an oaky funk toward the back of the palate. Alcohol does peek through slightly at the end. The aftertaste is pretty funky and very fruity.

Third Strike Apricot Saison is really solid! It will make a great beer for those hot days of summer! I give it 4.3 out of 5.



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Third Strike Apricot Saison
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